CIVILIZATION is a multi-purpose template that is ideal for corporations, and chosen by many for the creation of a web page visitors will remember. All our templates feature an array of user-friendly tools that make designing and laying out a webpage a snap for anyone. Our website is pleased to include demos that illustrate and explain the different templates, perhaps helping the user to more easily find the right one for the web page needed. Below we list some of the tools that every user receives along with the template package chosen.

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Almost from the beginning of the Internet and the creation of websites, the layer slider has been recognized as a necessary and very useful tool as well as a dear friend of the builder.


However, the sliders of yesterday no longer represent the cutting edge and interest for the average surfer who expects, who demands more today. In order to create and hold the interest of surfers, it is important to remember that thousands of websites beckon and one individual can visit only so many during one session.


Websites today normally use a slider display with animated contents layered in a sequence. But by adding background images, video, sound and animation, the layer slider can easily be brightened and create immediate interest in the viewer as lively animation creates the desire to continue watching.




Based on the new Joomla 12 Grid module it is easy to position images as well as text in the best position to achieve the most positive effect for the most attractive and impressive website possible.


This intuitive module permits the used to customize the website with the presentation of data that may be offered as a typical gallery or in a combination of visual and written boxes to suit the product or ideas displayed.




All modern websites feature a Home Page that normally describes the services and features that the website proposes to offer, sometimes including a bit about the company, but often this is featured under another tab, "About Us".


we now present these services through the display of an attractive tab. Along with this tab, our Tab Services include a Fontello icon, CSS-3 animation, content in its own box over any background, all making this a very glamorous and attractive as well as extremely useful feature.




Another useful module offered for the developer or administrator of a website is Vertex Theme's newly developed Progress Bar. This bootstrap-based progress bar has been developed with textual content placed above colored bars making it easy or add and or remove a bar together with its content and style. This may be accomplished quickly and easily in a way that allows the user to skip the former hand-coding process in making a bar chart.




A provision for contact is of course vital to any website. It is clearly the hope and desire, indeed, the entire purpose of a website to encourage potential consumers to make contact with the business or service offered on a given web page.



Regular Features:

Responsive Layout Manager
Multi theme support
Mega Manu
Off Canvas
Useful Library
Coming Soon Page
Offline Page
Mega Manu
Position Featuring
Template Extended styles
Theme Magic