A simple, planned, SEO friendly, Light weight and Feature reach template is required to demonstrate your cars and transport services? Drift is the right choice for you. You can demonstrate, your vehicles and services in alternative layouts, rearranging and style is just about magic!

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14 In Built Presets

This is very normal that you may have a theme color for your business, of course you should use the same theme color to build your website and this is really very easy if you use VERTEXTHEMES templates. As like many other templates Drift is also coming with 14 different color presets. But, the scope is not end here, you have a tool in our CANVAS Framework, you can make any color in your site without writing even a single line of code!

Multipole Layouts

Layout is an important factor to present your content. Considering your choice we are offering you to choice Different home layouts, car listing page layout and about page layout. Therefore, you may need not effort to make a site according to you dream. Moreover, you can produce more layouts using our Layout Manager in CANVAS FRAMEWORK. 

  • 3 Home Layouts.
  • 3 Car Listing Layouts.
  • 3 About Page Layout.

Layer Slider

A slider is an inalienable component of modern website. In fact, this is the stop factor for your audience, which works as a moving infographic content. It mostly creates the first impression. Therefore this is very important for you to use a Slider which represent your contents sequentially, animate them in a versatile fashion, Even split each slides in to layers, thus it become more interesting. You should have ability to make it responsive, control each and every layer flying as per your dream. The LAYER SLIDER is the perfect Joomla Component that let you to create such a stunning slider. In this template we are distributing the LAYER SLIDER for free. 

Page Builder (Quix PRO )

Need grid inside grid or create a quite complex layout and load content in it? Yes, this is tough indeed! But, how long while we are supplying QUIX PAGE BUILDER in our pack? Yes, this is such a friendly page builder extension that you can build any layout and publish any sort of content within a very short span of time. To use this you need put effort to learn nothing but imagine what so ever...

New Google Maps Module

Adding a map in website is common now a days. But, making the map colorful and consistent with your entire site is pretty much technical. The NEW GOOGLE MAPS is a Free Joomla Module, that let you create a colorful map and pin point multipole places in a map. You can also add necessary contact information along with the map in different alternative layouts. 

Quick COntact

Who dose not want to make his website more interactive? What is the most potential and easy way for your audience to connect to you? We believe, mailing is one of the most effective and easy way to communicate. Therefore, you may like to set a mailing module somewhere in your site. We have placed the great  QUICK CONTACT Joomla Module in a very uniform way with this template, thus it becomes more handy to your visitors to leave you a message. 

Mega Gallery

MEGA GALLERY is another Joomla Module that let you represent Joomla and K2 Articles in responsive filter gallery. In this template this is working as a vehicle gallery. 

Regular Features

Responsive Layout Manager
Multi theme support
Mega Manu
Off Canvas
Useful Library
Coming Soon Page
Offline Page
Mega Manu
Position Featuring
Template Extended styles
Theme Magic